We as an organization are committed towards propagating the established social policy to all the employees, business associates & suppliers and contributing to the society we live in. We are:

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Recognizing and respecting the right of employees to freely associate in accordance with the existing laws.
  • Paying employees the minimum wages and benefits required by the local law.
  • Paying overtime wages if employed to do so.
  • Providing adequate periodic training for the employees benefit.

Reason for Choosing

NO Child Labor
NO Forced Labor
NO Discrimination
NO Physical, Sexual and Psychological Harassment


We are ISO 9000 certified by SGS ensuring systematic and well documented workflow system.

Our factories are also audited and certified for various different customers for Technical and Social compliances. Below are name of some of the agencies which have audited our factories.

  • Wal-Mart
  • BBB
  • SQP
  • WCA
  • BSCI
  • Bureau Veritas
  • ITS
  • Level Works
  • SGS
  • GSV


We at Reed & Pick are committed to giving back to our society wherein, we have been engaged in various different socially responsible causes.

  • Our founder and CEO has been an active member in a Charitable Society which runs various different educational institutions in the city. He has been recognized for his work in the field of education by Staffordshire University (U.K), and has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree.
  • We have been regularly organizing medical checkup camps for the labour in our factory wherein, we have been helping them detect early stage diseases and ensuring proper treatment.
  • We have been regularly organizing community wedding functions , and helping the workers in the factory by paying for the marriages of their daughters.
  • We have also been sponsoring a local orphanage by providing them with monthly grocery requirement as well sponsoring school tuition for kids.